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MWI Nuclear provides welding, fabrication and assembly services under its ASME Section III (NPT, NA & NS) and 10 CFR 50 Appendix B quality programs.  With a focus on build to print, MWI applies the nuclear quality culture to welding and fabrication piping, pressure vessels, assemblies and packaged systems.  MWI Nuclear has experience working with both Utilities and Nuclear OEMs and is a member of NIAC.

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Met Weld International's joint venture,  NuSource combines the resources of MPR Associates and Gavial Holdings to bring you more than 50 years of engineering experience and 35 years of manufacturing in providing safety-related Appendix B parts and services.

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  • ASME Section III (NA, NS & NPT stamps)  See certificate

  • NQA-1

  • 10CFR50 AppendixB

  • Nuclear Approved Vendor List for Materials and Services

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