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Met Weld International is a leading supplier of Engineered, Skid-Mounted, Process Systems and Industrial Controls for the power generation, oil & gas and chemical industries.  For over 35 years, MWI has supported global industry with a full line of services and capabilities, including integrated design, engineering, fabrication, assembly and testing.  MWI’s single location and quality systems deliver a controlled approach to each project and ensure the highest level of quality and service for our customers.


Diversified Products


  • Modular Process Systems

  • Liquid Fuel Forwarding Systems

  • Fuel Gas Conditioning Systems

  • Fuel Gas & Oil Heating Systems

  • Fuel Gas & Oil Filtration Systems

  • Fuel Gas Pressure Regulating

  • Water Injection and Cooling Water 

  • Accumulator Process Systems

  • Recirculation Systems

  • Unloading & Metering Systems




Core Capabilities:


  • Custom Design & Design to Spec.

  • Modular Piping & Structural System Designs

  • Build to Print

  • Compliance: ATEX, IECex, PED, CSA

  • Biofuel System Design

  • Key Partnerships with Xylem, Pall Corp., Pentair/Porous Media, Hilliard, Alfa Laval and others






Supporting Services:


  • Project Design & Engineering

  • R&D, Testing & Product Development

  • Instillation & Commissioning Support

  • On-Site Engineering Support




Featured Products & Services 




Product Details
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Process Skids

MWI’s engineers and skilled craftsmen are experienced in the design, fabrication, and assembly of custom turnkey packaged systems. Our experience with Fortune 500 companies makes us a dependable source to transform your specifications into finished products.  We have decades of experience with a wide range of systems


  • Fuel Oil  Forwarding Systems

  • Fuel Gas Conditioning Systems

  • Fuel Gas Heating Systems

  • Fuel Oil Heating Systems

  • Nuclear Process Systems

  • Chemical Injection Systems

  • Process Monitoring Systems

  • Fuel Gas Scrubbers & Knockout Drums

  • Gas Extraction Systems

  • Liquid Fuel Monitoring/Vanadium Monitoring Systems

  • Fuel Gas Pressure Reduction Systems


Tanks and Vessels

MWI currently holds certificates by both ASME (Section VIII, Division I) and the NBIC. MWI has the latest Design, Drawing, and Pressure Vessel calculation capabilities, as well as certified Fabricators, Welders, and Inspectors to fully support our Pressure Vessel Program.


  • Pressure Vessels

  • Demineralizers

  • Air Eliminators

  • Filter Vessels

  • Heater Vessels



Control Systems

MWI's dedicated Panel Shop is capable of designing, manufacturing and  integrating  all sizes of control  systems. This capability allows greater flexibility, improved scheduling and cost control. 



  • Control Panels

  • Junction  Boxes

  • Fuse Panels

  • Electronic Controls




Met Weld designs and builds its own enclosures for many of the skids it manufactures.  This capability allows for more design flexibility, better control of schedule and const savings for our customers.





MWI provides a wide range of services as part of its daily business.  Together, these capabilities set us apart.



  • Engineering & Design

  • Pipe Assemblies

  • Fabrication

  • Machining

  • Welding

  • Blasting & Painting

  • Electronic Controls

  • Testing



Precision Machining

Through our sister-company, Aero Industries, Met Weld has the ability to provide precision machining



  • Wiring Harness Blocks

  • Control Device Housings

  • CMM Testing to 0.0002

  • Diverse Materials




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